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Welcome to the Academy


SaaSLeads Academy is where the ambitious achieve their career goals. Gain real-life start-up experience, unrivalled vocational training, and build a contact book that will kickstart your career. This isn’t a recruitment service – it’s a career accelerator programme.

More Than Money.

The programme will give you a deep and thorough understanding of tech sales. For the right person, it will land you a placement with a baseline starting salary of £30K, big commissions and a clear pathway to a career for life. But the rewards go far beyond financial.

The best tech start-ups – and the most successful sales reps – are driven by purpose and mission. Sure this is about securing your dream job – but we’re building a better world while doing it.

“This is a brilliant program with some amazing opportunities for trainees. In 2 months I went from zero sales knowledge to building my own pipelines and regularly closing leads. Will is a fantastic mentor, with a process-oriented teaching style that is well structured and intuitive. Furthermore, his encouragement of  data-driven decisions inspired self-development and growth as I refined my sales process. I would highly recommend his academy to anyone wishing to jumpstart their sales career.”

Ezana Haddis

Masters Graduate, Imperial College Entrepreneur

Get Ahead in Tech Sales.

Real-world startup experience. Unparalleled vocational education. Supportive sales mentorship. Welcome to the SaaSLeads Academy – and the start of your tech sales career.


Get access to some of the UK’s most vibrant and progressive tech start-ups, as well as a course of rigorous and validated sales education.

Personal Development

Learn the habits of highly effective tech sales professionals. Get under the skin of sales processes and learn how to use data to inform your decisions.


Not only will you earn commission while training, but also support landing your first SaaS sales role on graduating, along with an industry-recognised accreditation.

You Will Receive:

  • Remote Learning
  • One-to-One Tuition
  • Online Resources
  • The Best Technology
  • Commission

You Will Learn:

  • Pitching Perfection
  • CRM Management
  • Lead Generation


You Will Gain:

  • Industry Connections
  • A Transferrable Skillset
  • Certified Accreditation


A space to grow.

In your three-month programme, you’ll learn the ropes of tech sales, from building your own pipeline to closing deals and banking the commision. Get expert guidance and mentorship from seasoned sales pros and become process-oriented, data-driven and unstoppable.

Earn Commission

Build pipeline, produce killer outreach content, learn social selling – and bank your commission while training.

Get Certified

Graduate with an industry-recognised certification to open doors, get your foot in, and stand out from the crowd.


Land a Tech Sales Role

We’ll secure the right candidates a clear pathway to a meaningful and rewarding tech sales career.

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